Rebecca's Fate (MMF)

Twisting Hearts 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,376
8 Ratings (4.3)

[Menage Amour: Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, MMF, with MM elements, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Rebecca Turner had been a member of Twisting Hearts BDSM club for several months before she noticed a new couple that had started playing.  The two men Master Quentin Aames and his submissive Denton Hensley often did scenes with women and it was a thrill to watch them.  When Rebecca heard the men were looking for a third her dreams became about what it would be like to be between the two men.  One night when Master Quentin asked for a volunteer Andrea nominated Rebecca.  That was the night all their lives changed.  Rebecca found herself under the protection of Quentin and Denton while being stalked, only she didn’t know how dangerous the person after her really was.  Would Master Quentin and Denton be able to save her from the person out to destroy them all? 

Rebecca's Fate (MMF)
8 Ratings (4.3)

Rebecca's Fate (MMF)

Twisting Hearts 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,376
8 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I've always loved Rose Nickol's book and this one was great!!! Fell in love with the characters and the story was great!




“How did you arrive at the club tonight?” Master Quentin asked her as he lifted her out of Denton’s lap and helped her to her feet.

“I rode with Andrea,” Rebecca answered as she stretched and stood between the two men.

“Perfect. Denton, can you please escort Rebecca to her apartment and help her pack enough things to last a few nights? I will arrange to have her things moved later if she decides to stay with us. Rebecca, you can inform Andrea that Denton will be taking you home and that you will contact her when you are safely at our home.”

Rebecca nodded, her mind spinning. Everything was moving so fast. She’d only agreed to stay a few days until things with Alfred settled down, and now Master Q was talking about moving her things. It was too much. “I’m only staying a few days. I have to go to work on Monday,” she started to protest.

Master Q interrupted her. “We’ll see how things go and what happens with Mr. Banner,” was all he said before turning and holding the door open for her and Denton to leave.

Rebecca followed Denton out the door and into the club. They quickly found Andrea, and Becca explained what was going to happen. She couldn’t really tell Andrea how she felt with Denton standing there, but hoped her friend would understand. A lot had happened in the course of a few hours.

Denton placed his hand in the middle of Rebecca’s back and escorted her to the dressing room where he waited for her to change. Rebecca opened her locker and stood there a minute, letting everything that had happened catch up with her. The evening had started so calm and quiet. Now she was changing with Denton Hensley waiting for her. Even though she’d spent what seemed like hours watching the scenes Denton and Master Q did, she hadn’t ever thought about joining them. Well, that wasn’t exactly true. She’d dreamed of being with both of them, but knew she wasn’t their type. Now they were taking pity on her because of Alfred and what he had done.

She hurriedly changed into her street clothes, stuffing her club outfit into her bag. She looked longingly at the shower but didn’t want to take the time. Hopefully, she could shower at her place or at Master Q’s when she got there. When she walked out of the changing room, Denton was leaning against the wall talking with Marcia, one of the other subs. Marcia was a couple inches taller than Rebecca’s five foot five inches and probably twenty pounds slimmer. She’d seen Marcia trying to get the attention of Master Q and Denton on several occasions. As she walked up to them, she heard Marcia gush, “Oh, Denton, all those muscles you have just make me melt,” and she ran the tips of her fingers down Denton’s arm. “I’d love to do a session with you and Master Q one evening.”

Before Denton could answer, he saw Rebecca standing there and turned away from Marcia. “Come on, darling. Let’s go get your things, and I’ll take you to the house.”

“You…you’re going with Denton and Master Q?” Marcia sputtered, looking at Denton her expression full of outrage.

“Didn’t you hear? She has to. Some freaky stalker is after her. Master Thurston told Master Q he had to take care of her,” Marcia’s friend, Stacee, said as she butted into the conversation.

“It’s not really any of your business what Master Quentin and I do. And if Master Q hears you gossiping about this or anything, he will make sure Master Thurston hears about it, after he introduces you to his whip. That goes for both of you.” Rebecca watched the two women’s faces and realized that was not as a big of a threat as Denton thought it was. They both looked eager to have a taste of Master Q’s whip. With a shake of his head, Denton turned back to Rebecca and asked, “Are you ready, sweetheart?” Rebecca nodded, and he placed his hand on the small of her back and led her toward the door of the club.


* * * *


Rebecca directed Denton to her apartment and tried to remember what condition she had left it in. She and Andrea had talked and made a few drinks while they were getting ready. She was sure the place was probably a mess. Maybe Denton would be willing to wait in the car while she grabbed her things. She could only hope.

“Master Q would tan your ass for living like this,” Denton said, shaking his head as he watched her run around picking up clothing and dishes from the room.

“Andrea and I got to talking, and when we realized how late it was getting, we left, and I planned on picking up when I got home.” Why was she explaining herself to him? It was none of his business how she lived.

He stood in the doorway and watched as she ran around grabbing things and making more of a mess. “Why don’t you start by picking up all the dishes?” he asked as he moved out of the doorway and started picking up glasses and dishes off the table. “If you bring everything into the kitchen, I’ll load them into the dishwasher while you pack up some clothes.”

“Oh, good idea, but the dishwasher is full. They’re clean. I just haven’t had a chance to empty it today.” Here she was explaining to him again. Why did she feel the need to apologize? It really was none of his business.

“I’ll figure it out. Go get your clothes.” Denton calmly walked into the kitchen, his hands full of dirty dishes.

Rebecca stood watching him until he turned and looked at her, “Rebecca, please gather your things. Unless you want me to pack for you while you handle the dishes?”

OMG! Let him see her bedroom? No way! It was even worse than the living room and the bathroom…no, no, and no. He’d have a real shit fit if he went in there. She turned and almost ran into her room, grabbing what she could as she went.




Denton watched Rebecca as she closed her eyes and let the sensations carry her along on the wave to subspace. Her breathing calmed, and her mouth formed the most beautiful smile. A smile he had to kiss. He had been watching Rebecca as she played with others in the club, wondering why she never let herself go. It was easy to see she was submissive and wanted to please, but whenever one of the Masters asked her to play, she refused. He had been pleasantly surprised when Andrea had told them that Rebecca wanted to volunteer for the rope demonstration. This was the chance he and Master Q had been waiting for.

Her response to the ropes was what they had expected. He and Master Q were both anxious to play with her more and explore her limits. They wanted to find out why the little sub was so careful. Something had happened in her past, and they were going to find out what.

He leaned in and took her lips gently at first, and when she responded, he deepened the kiss. When Master Q dropped the flogger and ran his hand over her skin, she shuddered. Denton released her mouth. “How do you feel, Rebecca? Are you ready for more? Do you want Master Q to continue?” he asked as she moaned softly.

He watched as Master Q ran his hands over her back and down to her buttocks, cupping them and pulling them slightly apart. Then Master Q ran one hand through her folds, and smiled at the moisture he found there.

“Your body tells me you enjoyed my attention. I will continue now,” Master Q said, walking around to the front of the bench where he could look at Rebecca. He watched her for a few seconds before he went to his wall of implements and chose a heavier flogger. “This will sting, Rebecca, but I don’t think it will be more than you can handle. Say your safe word for me.”

“Red, Master Q. My safe word is red,” Rebecca answered, her voice soft and breathy.

Denton released her wrists and grasped both her hands with his. “Hold on to me for this next part, Becca.”

With Denton holding her hands, he would better be able to gauge her response and let Quentin know if it became too much before she needed to use her safe word. They didn’t want to overwhelm her on her first night with them. He felt Rebecca grasp his hands and gave her fingers a tight squeeze to show her his support. He looked into her eyes and brushed a soft kiss over her lips. “You can do this, honey.”

He could feel the tension in her grip on his hands and kept murmuring words of encouragement. He knew that Master Q was going to test her limits, and this would be a challenge for her. How she handled the intensity of the floggers would determine whether Master went the next step with her or not. If she could handle the floggers without safewording, Master’s next step would be to use a cane on her.

Denton and Master Q had spent several evenings devising a plan. They had spent hours discussing Rebecca and what they would like to do with her if she became theirs.


* * * *


Master Q swung the flogger, striking Rebecca’s skin and watching it redden for him. She was very light-skinned, and his marks were beautiful on her. He knew he had to build her up slowly, but hoped one day to be able to use his whip on her. The bright red strips against her translucent white skin would look amazing. He wasn’t sure she would ever be able to handle that level of pain though. She was doing very well with the flogger and had been able to tolerate more than he expected.

Once she let go, she went into subspace much easier than a lot of the subs he worked with, and that was a plus in her favor. The deeper he could send her, the more she would be able to tolerate.

He could feel the heat radiating from her skin, and the tight jeans he was wearing were becoming unbearable. He set the flogger to one side and cupped one of his hands over a flushing buttock. Beautiful. He let his hand slide down her leg and wrapped it around her thigh. Slowly he moved his finger up and up until he could feel her damp heat.

He felt her jump as he slid his fingers through her wet folds. If he could get that response from a light flogging, she didn’t hate pain as much as she proclaimed. Maybe if he built her up slowly, she would be able to tolerate some of his desire. He would need to tread very carefully with her though. “Denton, give her something else to focus on,” he said as he walked over to his wall of toys, contemplating which would give Rebecca the most pleasure.

“Rebecca, this is a small plug. It will help stretch you. Denton and I would like to take you together at one point. You will use a bigger plug every day until you can take a cock back there.”

“Yes, Sir.” Rebecca nodded. Anal wasn’t on her list of hard limits, and it was something she was curious about. Andrea said it was wonderful, but Andrea was more daring than she was. She felt a cold trickle of lube on her rear hole and tensed.

“Relax, little sub. This is just my finger to start.” Rebecca felt a little pressure and then a slight burn as he pressed his finger in. He held it still a few seconds before he began to move it in and out. He did that for a few minutes before he added another finger. After a few more seconds, he announced, “You’re ready for the plug.”

Rebecca felt the cool glass press against her skin and took a deep breath. She felt Denton squeeze her fingers, and he looked her in the eyes. “Eyes on me, little sub, you can do this.” She felt herself stretch until the plug went in with a pop.

Master Q patted her ass and rubbed his hands over it. “I am going to continue with this flogger, Rebecca. You are responding to it well. You’ll feel a little more of a sting now.”

Rebecca answered with a soft, “Yes Sir,” and Denton leaned down and planted a soft kiss on her mouth.

“Denton will be using that beautiful mouth of yours during the next part of our play, so I have this for you if things become too much.” He handed her a small red ball that squeaked when she squeezed it. “If you need myself or Denton to stop for any reason, squeeze the toy and we will stop and check on you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand, Master Q,” Rebecca answered, squeezing the ball a couple more times to show her comprehension.

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