Suit and Tied (MF)

Suncoast Society 83

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,990
12 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Sensations: Contemporary Light Consensual BDSM Romance, MF, with MM elements not including the heroes, spanking, HEA]

Cali and Marcia have a plan to drum up publicity for both Venture and the Two Crafty Bastards Toys website. So they set up a photo-shoot at the BDSM club, featuring several of their volunteers and friends in a variety of poses.

The theme? Suits.

Trying to coax a group of headstrong Doms out of their Friday-casual jeans and khakis and into sinfully sexy suits is tougher than corralling Baxter, Cali’s nip-addicted kinky cat. But when their respective partners get a look at the group of hunky, drool-worthy Doms all dressed up to the nines, you can make a safe bet it’s not just tongues that will be tied!

Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Suit and Tied (MF)
12 Ratings (4.8)

Suit and Tied (MF)

Suncoast Society 83

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 19,990
12 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Suncoast Society, Book 83. Suit fetish? Yes, please! Cali and Marcia are searching. For what? Ideas! Topping the list is a new header for the website for Sean, Max, and Cali’s business. Venture’s website could use an upgrade too. Cali’s used Baxter, the triad’s “dominant” cat, and even Sean dressed as a triceratops. Unique? Definitely. But they need something fresh. Venture wants to bring in new people. Both websites need something new, innovative. Then Cali and Marcia get the perfect idea. There’s just one problem. The Doms and subs have to agree. And most of the Doms aren’t exactly thrilled by the idea. Have you ever tried to talk a Dom into doing anything? And did I say one issue? Oh, sheesh! Can Cali and Marcia even get these people in one room? Who knows how this might turn out? What could the end result be? This is so lighthearted and fun. It’s a real treat to read. And while it’s playful, for me, it also catches a bit of the true nature of the BDSM world. There’s an element of “your kink is not my kink, but your kink is okay” in this book. It’s definitely not the overwhelming theme of the story at all, but it’s there. I honestly can’t say much more without giving away the entire away. If you’ve read even a few of the Suncoast Society books, you’ll recognize old and new “friends in common.” It’s short read and absolutely delightful. Thank you, Ms. Dalton, for a book that’s not just enjoyable. It was an outright joy to read, something that made me laugh and brought happiness into my life. It’s definitely a five star book! A final note. This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and BDSM scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, this may not be the book for you. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. Use these resources. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. It's not fair to the author. She works hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to a book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Pam S.
Ahhhh Tymber does it again, and oh boy is it hot in here after the mental exercise she just gave us. More suit gasmns please.
Sara L Olesen

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“Are you sure about this?” Rusty asked.

Cali nodded from behind her camera and silently thanked whatever Higher Powers might exist that she got to be a part of this deliciousness today. “Oh, definitely.”

Absolutely,” Eliza agreed.

“Mmm-hmm,” Abbey chimed in.

Wow.” Marcia shook her head. “That is a damn fine good-looking group of dudes. Who’d a thunk they clean up so well?”

“Hey!” Derrick playfully protested. “I resent that.”

Marcia stuck her tongue out at him. “Well, if you’d dress up more often for me, Mister Masterly type, maybe this wouldn’t come as such a shocker to me.”

Derrick flipped her a bird.

June kept bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. “Holy shit, this is epic!”

Skye let out a happy sigh. “It’s like a fantasy come to life.”

Right?” Leah agreed.

“You ain’t kidding,” Essie said from where she sat and watched, her hands resting on her baby belly. “If I wasn’t pregnant already, this would be enough to get me there.”

“They’re not bad,” Loren said, wearing a playful smirk.

Shayla snapped a pic with her phone. “This is one for the record books. No offense, Sir, but next time you have to go out of town, I’m rubbing one out to this.”

Tony chuckled. “At least I’m in it, pet.”

Skye giggled. “This is so much fun!”

That Saturday morning at Venture, Cali had done what everyone had damn near thought was impossible, and that was assemble an impressive-looking group of Doms, switches, and hot-as-hell subby men for a photo shoot for the Two Crafty Bastards Toys website. Not just for that website, but also for use on Venture’s website, because Cali and Marcia were in the process of completely redesigning it.

The impossible part of that equation was that schedules had finally all come together to allow as many of them to attend as were able today…

And that all of the men were decked out in suits. Some of the men—Rusty, Tony, Max, Sean, Mark, Josh, Ted, Axel, and Gilo—were either wearing full hoods or masks of some sort to conceal their identity. Landry, Cris, Derrick, Scrye, Seth, and Ross weren’t masked. Right now, Cali was taking the first of the group shots. They were doing this at the club because it was easier for Cali to set up the backdrop and lights there.

Didn’t hurt that tonight the play party theme was Suit and Tied.

Pun intended.

Eliza and Abbey were also dressed to the nines, both in full formal fetish attire, and absolutely looking like the Dommes they were. They’d both soon be part of the photo shoot with their respective men, and both women would be masked. Although both women were currently barefoot, because their sky-high heels were a bitch to stand around in.

Skye and June would also be taking part as submissive women, and both were wearing nude-colored body stockings under the bathrobes they’d be shedding for the photos. It’d allow whatever ties or bondage harnesses were put on them to show up without needing to blur any bits. Skye would wear a hood that concealed her whole face, and June would be mask-free.

Almost everyone else not currently involved in the shoot and who wasn’t dressed up was wrapped in a fleece throw, because Cali had cranked the club’s AC down to sixty the night before so no one would be sweating their asses off today. With the Florida heat outside, it meant it was actually sixty-five inside, and the temperature would slowly climb as the day heated up. But under the photography lights she’d borrowed from Kel for today, and with the men all dressed in full suits—or corsets and latex, for the Dommes—it was warmer. Plus, Gilo, Rusty, and Sean would be donning some leather and latex of their own after the suit portion of the photo shoot was completed.

Cali wore a cardigan sweater over her jeans and T-shirt, but she could tell she’d be shedding that soon enough. She was also running a video camera to catch some behind-the-scenes footage, video she could carefully edit and upload to the website later.

Also, so she could send some of the unedited footage to Tilly, who was currently out of town with Bob and working on a movie set. Unfortunately, due to their schedule, they couldn’t make it back to Sarasota to be there today and participate, which sadly disappointed both of them.

Marcia clapped her hands together. “Suit porn! We should totally film suit porn!”

“Isn’t that what we’re doing?” Landry drawled.


“Hush, you,” Cali said. “You’ll get your turn.”

Baxter stuck a paw through the door of the large, dog-sized pet carrier she had him corralled in. While she could easily Photoshop him into some of the shots, there were a few she wanted to get with him actually interacting with the men, and that was best done with him on-site. Once she completed his shots, Essie was going to take him back to Cali’s for them, made even easier since Essie and her men now lived right next door to Cali and hers, instead of down the street.

Meanwhile, Baxter was currently rolling around in a catnip-induced bliss inside the oversized carrier, which was even equipped with a small litter pan for him.

“Technically, today’s a tax-deductible expense,” Derrick said from where he stood in a pose Cali had put him in.

“Amen, brother,” Scrye—also an accountant—agreed.

The two men fist-bumped.

“Shut up and pose pretty, Mister Master,” Marcia teased. “Don’t ruin the shot.”

Cali hadn’t needed to look any farther than their volunteers to assemble this group of people today. Most of them were also core staff, and many had been founding members of the Suncoast Society munch group the club had been spawned from.

“By the way,” Derrick added. “Since we’re all on staff, the doors are locked, and we’re going to be here for a while today, and we’re all friends, feel free to play by private party rules. Let’s just make sure we’re all cleaned up and tucked in before five. Don’t need any of the other volunteers walking in on us.”

“Ooooh, my sweet Cristo,” Landry drawled. “You are in for a time today, as Tilly would say.” The Dom’s smile turned positively evil.

“Oh, boy. Lucky me,” Cris snarked. 




Still in his jacket, Derrick settled in on one of the couches, which they’d dragged around the area just for the photo shoot portion of the day. They’d get moved back before the club opened. Not right on top of the action, but conveniently located.

Glad we moved the couches before we started. This makes it easy.

He caught Marcia’s gaze and crooked a finger at her. He knew she knew what he wanted when color rose in her cheeks as she walked over and he pointed at the floor between where his thighs now sat splayed wide apart.

That just made him harder.

Especially the way her throat worked as she watched him before slowly sinking to her knees where he’d pointed.

He knew that look, too. The one where she was waiting to see if he was just fucking with her—which, admittedly, he took great pleasure in doing—or if he was really going to go through with this.

Oh, he was definitely going through with this.

Of course he and Marcia had left their DNA all over the place. It was a perk of being the owners and founders and having a damn key to the door. But even at the private parties they didn’t always get into full-on sex territory.

He arched his eyebrows at her, tipping his head up, just a little, letting her know he was still waiting for what he wanted her to do.

She shifted position into a formal kneel and tucked her hands behind her, where he wanted them kept.

“I think someone hasn’t been reminded of their training in a while,” he softly said. “My fault. Let’s take care of that today.”

The color absolutely flamed in her cheeks, and he wondered if she’d actually safeword on him for this, but she didn’t. As he reached up and unfastened his belt, she watched, her gaze darting back and forth between his hands and his eyes. When he unzipped his fly so he could fish his aching cock out, she opened her mouth.

Good girl.” He kept one hand circled around the base of his cock and cupped the other around the back of her head, his fingers threading through her hair.

She didn’t need to be told what to do. And it never failed to take his breath away, make him suck in a sharp gasp when the sweet, wet heat of her mouth engulfed him from head to root.

Fuuuuuck. Twenty years together didn’t mean sex had grown stale and boring. It meant they knew each other’s bodies, knew what felt good, what worked.

Which had come in handy for office sexytime, usually across Derrick’s desk. Fast, hot, and more than satisfactory for both of them without alerting everyone else to what they were doing.

Okay, maybe he would wear a suit more often. There was something damned sexy about sitting there dressed like that and having her on her knees and devouring his cock.


* * * *


Okay, now Marcia was damned horny, and if Mister Master thought he was going to make her wait until later tonight to get hers, he had another think coming.

Personally, she loved this, because it reminded her a lot of sneaking in sex at the office when they had a building full of employees around them. The feel of his slacks against her cheeks as he directed her movements with his hand on her head made her even hornier. Looking up his body, she spotted the dark, evil, pleased gaze he wore in his green eyes as he stared down at her and…yep.

She would definitely be making him wear a suit more often.

Even if it meant tossing all his other clothes into the washing machine the night before and “forgetting” to turn it on.

Guess you’ll have to wear your suit, Sir.

Oh, darn.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered. “Suck that cock.”

She didn’t even care their friends were there. This was on the tame end of the scale of activities all of them had either witnessed, or actually done themselves during a private party.

A sweet, low hum settled in her brain, subspace gently tugging her down as she focused only on what she was doing, on Derrick, on being in the moment. She knew every inch of his body by heart, the way he knew hers. He pulled her off to the head for her to lick and suck the crown, and as she watched the hunger building in his gaze, she felt her own grow.

He slowly pushed deep again and she relaxed, knowing what he wanted, what he liked, and that he wouldn’t choke her or make her wait too long to take a breath or she’d bite him.

Not hard, just in warning.

Only took her doing that once to train her damn Dom.

Hey, everyone was happier when she was happy, and even Derrick would admit that. After all, she didn’t smother him when she rode his face, so a little reciprocity was due.

But like this? Like this, she could keep going as long as her knees held out. Fortunately, they’d been too busy and too tired for fooling around much this week, so he was primed and ready and wouldn’t take much to get off. That’s why she was happy letting him savor this for a while, because when he felt ready for round two, he’d give her one hell of a ride of her own, better able to hold back longer.

Yeah, she knew her guy, and she damn sure wouldn’t trade him in for anything.

The soft, needy grunts she drew from him every time she went deep fired her own need. Didn’t help that the place this morning felt like it was hyper-charged with a sinfully sexy energy, way more than on the average play night. This assembled group of friends were definitely the right vibe to have together in one place.

His warm, musky scent filled her lungs as she tasted pre-cum starting to flow. His cock hardened even more in her mouth, velvety smooth as her lips and tongue worked at him, licks and sucks and even lightly grazing her teeth along the head, just enough to help him hold back a little longer and build it up even more.

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