[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Alternative Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifters, M/M/M, HEA]
Alpha Urian Starters was sure his mate Finn Visióne was entranced. He hunted Tristian La Faye, determined to make the creature break the entrancement and never go near Finn again. But the moment Urian scented Tristian, he was scrambling to deal with the fact the snappy creature was his mate.
Tristian was a sacred grouchy sun bear with a group of followers looking to him to find a place for them in the world. After being rejected by Finn months ago, Tristian knew he didn’t have a place, especially when Finn, only a few weeks after rejecting Tristian, mated the Alpha of a wolf pack in Milson Valley.
Finn hadn’t meant to reject Tristian, he adored the grouchy bear shifter, but he messed everything up. Now he had two brothers loose in the Valley and one planning to kill him, Tristian to hunt down, and his big alpha mate protecting the entire valley from Renegades wanting a sacred creature.  
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Their Grouchy Bear (MMM)
12 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“We met six and a half months ago in Arizona,” Finn began. “I had joined the magic show and was traveling with the troupe to different events, that one I think was a party for some big hot shot politician. We were staying in a hotel around the corner from this little diner I wouldn’t usually venture into without first sighting a health inspector’s stamp of approval, and maybe not even then. But the strangest thing happened when I was walking past with my rabbit shifter friend you frightened when we first met. Remember him?”

“Yeah, I remember. Keep going.”

Finn plucked at the soft material of his lounging pants. “We-ll, I had this peculiar tingling sensation. I had no idea what it meant. There was just a sense of urgency, and I was drawn, almost like a compulsion, to go to the diner for some reason. So I dared the dismal little place, and after wading past a dozen creatures, I spotted this grouchy, gorgeous little curly light brown haired man having an argument with the owner.” Finn sighed and rubbed his arms as though chilled. “He didn’t even notice me until I was right beside him. Unfortunately, that just seemed to make him even grumpier, and he glared up at me with these amazingly beautiful blueberry eyes and told me to back off, I was invading his personal space.” Finn smiled fondly at the memory. “Then he preceded to argue with the diner owner for the next ten minutes and snapped at me when I tried to intervene. I think he likes to argue. Later I found out he is a sun bear shifter.”

“Yeah, bears like a good argument,” Uri murmured.

Finn sighed, nodding. He was worried about Urian, how his mate would take the news they had another mate. Urian didn’t look so good when Finn said mate just before, in fact, the big Alpha wolf paled and looked like he would hurl. Understandably, this was a shock and Urian would require some time to get used to the idea. Unfortunately, Finn wasn’t sure how long Tristian had because shifters could go feral if they didn’t claim their mate and bond within a particular time frame. And it had already been six and a half months.

Guiding stars, Finn had made an absolute mess!

“Hmm. That’s pretty much how it went. He finally got the diner owner to let all his followers inside to eat because I think the owner just wanted him to shut the hell up. The guy looked like he had a pretty massive headache. Anyway, I hung around, used some charm, managed to get a smile out of the grouch, and we ended up back in my hotel room holed up for the next few days. After that everything pretty much went downhill—”

“Wait. Did you say ‘followers’?”

Nodding, Finn winced. “Err, yeah. You see, strange as it is, though Tristian is a menace and grouch, all these creatures just follow him around everywhere. It’s like he’s a magnet and they’re attracted to him—but not in a sexual way, though there were a few I was suspicious of. Anyway,” Finn continued, “I had another event, this time in Memphis. I convinced Tristian to come with me, but that left the problem of all his followers. We had to take a day for Tristian to find them a good home. The local pride took most of them but they wanted to keep Tristian, too, and we ended up having to leave very quickly. Huh, perhaps that’s how Tris ended up on the High Council’s radar.” Finn frowned. “The investigator I hired to locate Tristian told me the High Council has a protection order on him, as well as a capture and detainment. The same with the Bear Shifter Council, Shifter Council, and a few others.”

“Why would the councils be after Tristian?” Uri asked seriously. “What laws has he broken? Is he considered a dangerous rogue?”

“Oh, ah, nooo.” Finn winced, realizing he had left out an important detail. “He’s the sacred bear.”

Finn watched Urian blink. Had his big, tough, menacing, good-hearted mate just had an aneurysm? Should Finn call Doc Eric, the werewolf pack doctor whose ever-cheerful attitude made Finn want to test the man and see if he took happy pills all the time? When Uri slumped and shook his head, Finn knew the situation had just gotten a little bit worse. Man, when Finn messed up, he did it big time apparently…or really, this was all Tristian’s fault!

“Right. I see. The pride would know what he was and reported Tristian to the councils. The High Council will want to capture Tristian to protect him.” Urian raised his head, cheeks flushed a little but gaze steady.

“Well, we can do that. Your pack will protect him, won’t they?” Finn asked rather desperately. “You let lots of bears in.”

He felt desperate and used up, lost and at times, frantic. They needed to find Tristian and bring him home.

“My pack will accept and protect him if I bring him home. Why did you two split up?”

Finn got the feeling Urian didn’t fully believe him that they had another mate. Hell, until a month or so ago, Finn wasn’t entirely sure either. His kind didn’t react the same way to mates as shifters, and a lot of paranormals did, so he hadn’t been able to automatically tell if Tristian was his or not.

“It was a few days after we arrived in Memphis. Tristian brought up the claiming you shifters always want to do, but at the time I didn’t understand the significance of it. I never had much to do with shifters, we didn’t have many on the island, and those there were either mated or guards. No one mentioned that a shifter went through these needs and heats, and could turn feral and dangerous if they didn’t claim their mate.” Finn needed to explain so Urian could understand. Shifters just didn’t comprehend that everyone was different when it came to mates and claiming. “I didn’t even know we were mates! I had an intense attraction to Tristian, I didn’t want him away from me, but everything was so new, and I had just left Hell Island…” Finn shrugged. “With seers it’s different. We’re more like witches and wizards, even fae in that sense I guess, though we don’t suffer any of the side effects for a long time. All we need to do is accept our mate, and we’re pretty much done.” Finn frowned. “Actually, saying that then we’re very much like djinn, similar gifts, too, mostly being able to move the energy around us for our own will, though they can do that with nature also.”

“So you rejected him, in essence.”




As Urian worked his way down Tris’s body, Tristian wrapped his hand around Finn’s cock and with long, languid strokes, soon had Finn urging for more and thrusting into his hand urgently. When Urian’s calloused hand wrapped around his own cock, Tris jerked and nearly climaxed, pre-cum spurting from his hard, aching dick.

“Wrap your hand around yourself and our Finn’s beautiful cock, baby. Finn, hold our bear open for me.”

Tris complied, holding both his shorter, slender cock and Finn’s longer one with one hand.

“Look at me, själ.”

Tris looked into gorgeous aqua eyes. Finn ran a hand from Tris’s ass to halfway down his thigh then lifted his leg up and over, spreading Tristian wider.

“You have the cutest little ass, my bear,” Urian whispered in Tris’s ear, his breath hot and raspy as a thick finger stroked and rubbed around his hole. “Supple, firm. So fucking tight.”

He tried not to tense up with the first finger, but it had been a while since he was with Finn, and in that time Tristian had lost all sexual drive and didn’t even pleasure himself. But between Urian and Finn, he soon forgot any discomfort and was caught up in a storm of pleasurable sensations. Finn’s hand replaced his on around their dicks as they kissed and nibbled on one another’s lips.

Urian worked first one finger then two inside Tristian and found that little nub of nerves easily, brushing against it and driving Tristian to the brink, only to back off and leave him panting and whiny, needing desperately. Urian nipped at Tristian’s ass cheek when he cursed the Alpha for teasing him and using his free hand, pulled his cheek to the side to open him up further.

By the time there were four fingers deep in his ass, Tristian was lost, his mates bringing him to the brink time and again only to stop, Finn holding Tris’s balls and whispering naughty things in his ear as Urian stroked hard and deep with his fingers, opening Tris right up.

“Ready for me, baby?” Urian withdrew his fingers and covered his cock in lube.

“Yes! Dammit, hurry up—ah, yeah, mate.”

Finn licked Tris’s throat where he’d nipped with his teeth. “Push out, baby, our Uri’s a big bugger.”

Hell yeah, the wolf was huge! Tris panted a bit, breathing through Urian’s big thick cock pressing inside him past the first ring. But the man didn’t stop or give Tristian time to adjust. Tris dropped his head to Finn’s chest and clenched his jaw as he his body erupted and his dick spurted stream after stream of cum over himself and Finn.

“Fuck, I can barely move.” Urian caressed Tris’s sides as he began moving, just a little rocking of the hips. “So damn good.”

After that, it was a blur of pleasure, grunts, groans and sloppy, wet kisses. At first, so slow Tristian’s body constantly tingled with sensations, then they were all moving together in a fast, pounding tempo that kept him on edge and ready to blow with each deep, hard thrust. Finn worked them both higher and higher, Urian leaning down and kissing their seer, hands tangling in hair, over bodies and stroking one another until Urian jerked back, growling and straightening behind Tristian, thrusting fast and hard.

“You ready for me, Tristian?” Urian growled.

“Yes! Claim me.”

Sharp teeth sunk into Tristian’s throat, the minute pain quickly chased away by blissful pleasure. His body shot so high he lost all ability to speak and move as he came again. Their souls joined, swirls and wisps of cloud winding around all three of them in a frenzied dance before what sounded like a thunderclap hit and the streaks of clouds twined over and over before separating and diving into Urian, Tristian, and Finn.

He barely heard the grunts and cries of pleasure as he collapsed on top of Finn and lay there dazed and sated.

It wasn’t for long though, before Tris roused a short time later from between his mates. Rolling over, one destination in mind, a need so strong he couldn’t stop if he tried, he crawled on all fours to his golden-haired mate and climbed on top. Aqua eyes lit up, and a sexy smile hardened Tris’s cock. Looking down Finn’s long, lithe body, Tristian was happy to see the man’s cock was just as hard as his own.

“I’m all yours, baby.”

“Actually, you are both mine,” Urian corrected, one hand sliding over Tristian’s ass. “Claim our mate, so we are all bonded and connected, my bear.”

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