The Wolf's Runaway Tiger (MM)

Nehalem Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,661
29 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, bondage, HEA]

Viktor Carsten has been a loner all his adult life. After witnessing the death of his parents, he’s in no rush to fall in love for fear he’ll lose them, too. A night out drinking and dancing leads him to the one thing he’s been trying to avoid, his mate.

“Run!” was the last word Shane Pickett’s mother uttered to him before she died, and he’s been running ever since. Shane being a rare white tiger shifter makes him a valuable commodity to hunters, and because of that he can’t afford to form attachments or stay in one spot for too long, but all that changes when he moves to Silver Creek. He’s finally created a life he doesn’t want to give up and finds the mate he can’t live without.

When Shane’s past comes knocking on his door it’s up to Viktor to rescue his mate, but will he be in time?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Wolf's Runaway Tiger (MM)
29 Ratings (4.4)

The Wolf's Runaway Tiger (MM)

Nehalem Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,661
29 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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4 ANGELS: "The bond between the members of the Nehalem Pack was easy to understand, as they were willing to do whatever they needed to help each other. It was funny how they ganged up on Victor when they learned that he not only met Shane at Club Sin where they had sex, but he also didn't even know his name. Experiencing Victor's growth as he overcame his fear of love to become the strong man Shane needed was wonderful. Shane's loneness was apparent, so the acceptance and love he found with Victor and his pack was inspiring. It was sad to experience Victor's younger brother, Erik's anguish over missing his mate and I can't wait until it is time for his story!" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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As Aiden passed, the wind stirred up a breeze. Viktor stopped dead in his tracks. A light scent of vanilla and honey tickled under his nose. He turned and watched Aiden as he stood talking with Skyler at the counter. His feet carried him toward Aiden. The closer he got the faster he walked. When he reached Aiden the man gave out a shout as Viktor cornered him against the cabinets. He dropped his nose and started to sniff along his brother’s mate’s neck. The smell was faint, but it was there and he never smelt that on Aiden before. But why now?

“Viktor,” Aiden said as he tried to push him back. “Devon!”

Viktor grabbed Aiden by the wrist and sniffed along his jawline. His nose twitched the closer to Aiden’s lips he got. “Mine.” The word came out garbled.

“Viktor,” Devon shouted. He could feel his brother’s hand pulling on his shoulders, but Viktor couldn’t let go. He could smell his mate. “Let go!”

Unable to control himself, Viktor pulled Aiden to his chest and spun around and growled at Devon.

Devon put his hands up. “Brother, calm down.”

Viktor could feel his teeth lengthen and his claws were poking out. His actions weren’t making sense even to him. He held no attraction for Aiden, but that smell coming off of Aiden was his mate’s.

“Viktor, please let me go,” Aiden pleaded.

Very slowly he inhaled a deep breath. He reined back in his wolf, and his body returned to human. Viktor loosened his grip on Aiden and turned the man around to face him. If Aiden had his mate’s smell on him, he had to have come in contact with the man. For the smell to have left such a mark, his mate had to have touched Aiden.

“I’m sorry but—” Viktor didn’t want to mention his mate because then his family would make a big deal out of it, but he had to get answers. “Where did you go today after I dropped you off?”

Aiden had been attending Hemsworth University for almost a month, and Viktor had never smelt his mate on Aiden before.

Aiden stepped away from him and walked right into Devon’s embrace. “I was with Devon.”

“Viktor, what’s going on here?” Devon asked as he moved Aiden behind him and walked closer to him. “I know you would never harm Aiden, and I know you don’t find Aiden attractive.”

“Hey,” Aiden shouted. “I’m standing right here.” He plopped his hands on his hips and tapped his foot.

“I just need to know who he came in contact with today,” Viktor persisted.

“Why?” Devon narrowed his eyes at him. “And why did you say mine?”

Shit! Viktor closed his eyes. Devon wasn’t stupid. Of course he’d figure it out. “Because.” Viktor looked around to all the eager faces staring at him. “Because he smells like my mate.”

“No shit,” Devon said as he looked between Aiden and Viktor. “But how?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking him.” Viktor focused on Aiden. His eyes kept drooping to stare at Aiden’s lips where the scent was the strongest. “You didn’t kiss another man did you?” Jealousy had him biting out the words.

“You kissed someone else?” Devon rounded on his mate.

“What? No!” Aiden threw his hands in the air. “Have you all lost your fucking minds?”

“You smell like him.” Viktor pointed at Aiden’s mouth. “Right above your upper lip.”

Aiden stood there silent for a moment, and Viktor wanted to shout for the man to think. Then as if a light had come on in his head, Aiden’s eyes widened. “Shane.”

“The guy from the coffee shop?” Devon asked. “You kissed him.”

“No, you dumb ass. He wiped away my chocolate mustache.”

“Excuse me?” Viktor shook his head. No one was making sense.

“After you dropped me off today, I met up with Devon. We had some time to kill before my first class, so we went across the street to a little café. That’s where Shane works. We got to talking, and he’s super nice.” Aiden turned to Devon. “And when I went to leave he used his fingers to wipe away the hot chocolate that was on my upper lip. Nothing sexual to it, I swear.” Aiden held up his left palm in the air.

Shane. Viktor kept repeating the man’s name in his head. He liked the sound of it.

“I believe you, babe.” Devon pulled Aiden in for a kiss. “But what I can’t believe is that Viktor has a mate.”

“Thank you!” Skyler said excitedly from beside Viktor. “That’s the weirdest thing about this whole situation.”

Everyone turned their inquisitive stares on him. Viktor tried to swallow, but his throat had gone bone dry. He knew his mate’s name and where to find him. But he also outed his secret.

“When and where did you meet Shane?” Aiden asked.

Viktor pushed away from the cabinet and took his seat at the table. He had no desire to discuss when and how he met his mate. All he knew about the man was how sexy his body was and how good he could kiss. Not a lot of information to disclose to the family. Plus he wasn’t sure he wanted to lay claim to Shane. The man already proved he would run away, so why should Viktor go chasing after a man who didn’t want to be caught? Viktor didn’t need any more heartache in his life.

“None of your business.” Viktor reached for the platter of chicken. “It doesn’t matter anyway. I didn’t even know his name until five minutes ago, so let’s just drop it.”

“You don’t want to claim your mate?” Devon asked as if he couldn’t possibly conceive of the notion. Viktor thought of all people Devon would understand, but it looked like love short-circuited his memory.




“Clothes off now,” he ordered as he started to remove his own.

Shane stared at him with wide eyes as he struggled to remove his pants. After a few attempts Shane was able to pull his jeans free and lie with his legs sprawled open and stroke his cock slowly, almost teasingly.

Viktor growled as he watched his mate pleasure himself. He wanted to be doing that. Fuck! He wanted to be doing so many things to Shane.

As he climbed up on the bed, like the predator he was, Viktor slowly prowled closer. He dropped his head to nip at Shane’s bare legs. When he hovered above Shane’s erect cock, he licked at the tip. It twitched at the contact and a clear drop of pre-cum dripped from the tip. Viktor quickly licked it up not wanting to waste a drop. Shane tasted salty yet sweet, like a fudge-covered pretzel.

He needed so much more. Viktor went in for the kill and swallowed Shane’s length down his throat, not stopping until his chin brushed against Shane’s balls. Shane cried out and arched his back off the bed. His fingers gripped tightly in Viktor’s long hair, but he didn’t stop. Viktor licked, sucked, and lavished Shane’s beautiful penis with his lips and tongue. He traced the underside, letting his tongue follow along the heavy veins that lay inside.

His hard cock started to ache from rubbing against the blanket on the bed and from pure, unadulterated need. “Do you have any stuff?” Viktor looked wildly around the room like a tube of lube would stand up and shout “over here.”

“Under my pillow.”

Viktor walked up Shane’s body on his knees until his bottom rested on Shane’s chest lightly and his cock head pushed at the seam of Shane’s mouth. “Suck me,” he ordered.

Shane licked his lips eagerly then began to service Viktor’s cock with nimble licks and hard, suctioned pulls. Viktor’s body began to tremble. He reached under the pillow, and his hand brushed against the small tube.

Viktor eyed the pillowcases, and an idea formed in his mind. He wanted to see Shane confined, unable to move while Viktor gave him the best orgasm of his life.

You can’t do that to your mate! his inner voice chided him. But Viktor wanted to see the red rub marks on Shane’s skin afterwards. It would be like a claiming mark, only it would fade, giving him a reason to do it again and again.

“Is everything all right?” Shane’s soft voice asked.

Viktor looked down to see Shane’s round eyes staring back at him. He hadn’t realized he stopped rocking his hips forward into Shane’s awaiting mouth.

He scooted down until he straddled Shane’s hips. His eyes kept drifting from the pillow to Shane’s hands where they rested on Viktor’s thighs. Shane followed his gaze, and as if reading his mind, stretched his arms above his head.

“Do it.”

Not giving it a second thought, he pulled the pillowcase off the pillow. He gazed down at Shane as he let his claws extend out and cut the cotton material down the center. Shane’s eyes went wide. Viktor ripped a piece off with his teeth, and Shane watched, riveted the entire time.

He was just about to wrap the cloth around Shane’s wrist but had some misgivings. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” Shane said breathlessly.

Viktor double-wrapped the soft material around Shane’s wrists then tied it into a knot. Shawn opened and shut his hands and tugged slightly on the binding. His eyes were glazed over, and he rocked his hips up against Viktor’s ass.

Viktor turned to his side and knelt beside Shane’s body. His mate kept shifting from side to side causing the sheets to rustle. Shane whimpered when Viktor trailed one extended claw down his hairless chest. Viktor loved the wanton image Shane made laid out before him begging to be touched.

“Please.” Shane spoke the one word with such need.

Any other time Viktor would have made his lover wait until he begged, but he didn’t want to wait. Shane wasn’t like all the others. They were mates, and Viktor wanted to love Shane so good that his eyes crossed.

With quick reflexes Viktor flipped Shane over and pulled him up to his knees. Shane pushed his ass back toward him, offering Viktor all he had to give.

Viktor grabbed handfuls of Shane’s ass cheeks and squeezed the taunt muscles. He licked his way down Shane’s crease until he reached his tiny opening. Viktor swirled his tongue, once, twice then pulled back. He grabbed the lube off the bed and eased the clear gel into his hand.

Shane kept his arms stretched high above his head as if he were reaching for the headboard. His hips swayed from side to side as he waited for Viktor to fill him up. Viktor didn’t waste any time. He covered his straining cock in the slick liquid then came up flush to Shane’s round bottom.

Viktor rubbed the rounded bulbous tip up and down, eating up every tense-filled jump of his mate’s body. Shane started to roar as he tried to thrust back, impaling himself on Viktor’s stiff member. Every time Viktor would pull back just a bit, blocking Shane’s need.

Feeling he’d played long enough, Viktor guided his cock forward, breaking past the tight-muscled entrance. Shane moaned loudly but didn’t pull away. If anything he pushed back more aggressively, threatening Viktor to spill prematurely.

When he was seated to the hilt, he rested his chest over Shane’s sweaty back. He ran his fingers up Shane’s side down his arms, until he wrapped his fingers around Shane’s bound wrist.

“You’re fucking perfect,” Viktor said as he licked along Shane’s ear.



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