The Loving in Silver Collection, Volume 1 (MMMF)

Loving in Silver

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 144,622
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Romance, Cowboy/Western, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Public Exhibition, Light Bondage, Consensual BDSM, With MM Spanking, Flogging, Sex Toys, MMMF, MMF, HEA]

In Peaches ’n’ Cream, after giving up her career as a cop, Peaches Malloy was cruising along in life. One that did not include a man. Working long hours at two jobs took up most of her life, leaving little time for romance.

When she meets the handsome and irresistible cowboys Damien Nicholson and Ryan James, Peaches finds herself wanting more than a paycheck and an evening with her cats. Unexpected danger gives her the push she needs. Escaping it with the two cowboys, they begin a new journey together in life and love, discovering surprising things about themselves along the way.

There is only one obstacle to complete happiness, Damien and Ryan’s business partner, Logan MacMillan. Having been burned by a woman he had thought perfect, he is unwilling to give her a chance. Will Peaches be able to make him realize that she can be the woman for him as well?


In Butterfly Madness, after her sister dies, Marley Jacobson lets fate choose her new home by throwing a dart at a map. She and her sister had shared dreams of the kind of place they wanted to live. When the dart lands on Silver, she goes there to discover it’s the perfect place for her to both heal and to settle her sister’s affairs.

Marley doesn’t have plans for love and romance at this point in her life. Love will come later, when the grief and guilt lessen. What she hadn’t planned on was meeting two charming, sexy men. Grayson Evans is the sheriff. Roarke O’Malley is a businessman. They’re perfect for each other as longtime partners. She learns they’re searching for their third, a woman to love and live the rest of their lives with. As she gets to know them, she decides they would be perfect for her, too. Can she get beyond her grief and guilt to give them a chance?

The Loving in Silver Collection, Volume 1 (MMMF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Loving in Silver Collection, Volume 1 (MMMF)

Loving in Silver

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 144,622
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing

Peaches ’n’ Cream


Peaches stared into the laughing green eyes staring back at her from a handsome, suntanned face. “Did your mama drop you on your head?” she asked breathlessly, peeking around him to the furious cream-colored bull heading determinedly in his direction on the rail.

“Once or twice.” He laughed, seeming unconcerned about the two thousand pounds of angry, unprocessed beef patties heading in his direction.

That was, until Peaches and her girlfriend leapt up from their seats in the stadium. The crowd roared. “Shit! Move!” she cried, horrified eyes fixed on the enraged bull.

He glanced back, then yanked his hard body up and over the rail as the bull tried to slam him with his massive head and the thick, stumpy horns sprouting from it. The bullfighters were there, baiting him, trying to get him to head into the direction of the gate out of the arena. The blond curls between the furious brown eyes were soft compared to the thick skull viciously slammed into the rails.

Bull snot went flying. The cowboy laughed, leaned over to slap the animal with his hat, and then sat down in Peaches’s abandoned seat. He pulled her down onto his lap, and then kissed her hard on the mouth. There was another cheer from the crowd to reward him for his charming audacity.

“You doing anything later, hot thing?”

Peaches looked over the laughing face. Her lips were burning. She could hear her friend’s wistful sighs. “Yes, washing my hair.” She tried and failed to ignore the hard thighs beneath hers. As well as the male flesh beginning to stir beneath her jean-clad bottom.

“I could come over to help.”

There was a note of hot promise in his deep voice. It shivered all the way down her spine, somehow ending in her pussy. Her panties were drenched in an instant. Her nipples peaked, pressing tellingly against the sweater she wore. The cowboy did not fail to notice. Darn him! The grin, which slid over his handsome face, was filled with devilry.

“No thanks. I think I can handle it,” she drawled, trying to think of something other than the reaction of her body to his.

The crowd erupted when his score was announced. Then he was kissing her once more and lifting her to her feet so he could leap over the railing. She watched his fine ass, displayed in jeans and chaps, as his long legs carried him away.

“That’s one fine piece of ass,” Darla drawled in her charmingly bold manner. “Wish he’d scooped me up. I’d let him wash anything he wanted on me.”

“Yeah, well, a cowboy who looks like that has to be trouble. He probably has a girlfriend in every town he’s been in.” Peaches laughed as she looked at her friend. “You do remember you have a husband, don’t you?”

Darla laughed and waved a careless hand. “Yeah. Yeah. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt me. Now then, how can you blame the breed for the sins of one? Cowboys are the spirit of this country. They represent hard work and freedom. They embody the American spirit.”

Turning her head to stare at her friend with laughing brown eyes, she shook her head. “Jeez, what are you? His PR?”

“No, I just think you haven’t gotten laid lately. Why not go for it? Then you can let me know if he’s as hot in the places we can’t see at the moment.”

“You’re nuts.” Peaches laughed. Rising from the seat, she gathered up her jacket and said, “I’ve got to get to work. This was fun. Thanks for making me come with you.”

Darla followed with a shake of her head. “You could call off. What do you need that crappy job for anyway? We could go find your cowboy. The two of you could hook up, have some hot, steamy sex, and make some memories for your old age.”

“I’m supplementing my income. It’s all going into retirement. Money is what I need for my old age. A memory won’t pay my bills.”

“No, but it will fill out your life’s quilt. It’s made of all kinds of experiences. What could it hurt to add a hot cowboy to it?”

Peaches wanted to agree. The man had been all sorts of tempting. She could still feel the burn of his hard thighs and hardening cock beneath her ass. When she compared that to the realities of her life, she had to think of how much working a second job really sucked. Especially when working two jobs wasn’t as necessary as it had been.

She worked in a lawyer’s office during the day and a convenience store at night. Usually she worked a short shift from six in the afternoon until midnight. For the sake of going to the rodeo with her friend, she had switched with another woman. Usually she had a few hours in between she could call her own, when she tried to rest. Tonight would not be the night. On her days off, she slept. It wasn’t much of a life, but it was hers to do with as she saw fit. She had seen too many of her friends marry men who just sucked everything fine right out of them. While she would like a husband and children, she was still in no rush. She wanted just the right man. Then her priorities would change.




Though they were both terrible flirts, she had seen the serious side of the men. They weren’t going to just use her then toss her aside. On that positive note, Peaches began exploring under the sheet. It wasn’t long before she found what she was looking for. Giggling when semi hard flesh became very hard flesh, she tossed back the blanket, exposing every glorious inch of hard, tanned male bodies.

“You win!” Peaches cried, straddling Damien’s powerful thighs as she reached toward the stack of conveniently placed condoms.

She saw the sleep in his green eyes quickly disappear as she ripped the foil and extracted the rolled condom. She placed it over the thick head of his swollen cock, but only after she leaned down to swipe at the creamy goodness leaking from the slit with the tip of her tongue. Salty. Tasty. She saw his gaze go from her busy hands to the lower lip she had captured between her white teeth.

“How did I win?” Damien asked curiously, his voice husky with sleep and desire. It did delicious things to her, shivering down her spine.

“Your cock got harder, faster.”

“And what did I win?”

“You won pussy, hot stuff. All the pussy you want. I know you’re up for it.” Her fingers couldn’t meet around his cock, he was that thick. And he’d had all this beautiful cock shoved in my ass, she thought, trembling with remembered pleasure. Well, now she wanted it filling her pussy. Glancing at Ryan, she saw that he was all but pouting again. He really was the sweetest thing and positively irresistible. Laughing, she patted the bed beside Damien. “Come on, pretty boy. Give me that cock to suck while I ride your friend here.”

Ryan moved fast and with intent, his cock fisted in his hand as Peaches positioned herself over the man stretched out beneath her. The thick head nudged the entrance to her cream-slicked channel. She was so wet the juices were running down her thighs.

“That’s it, baby. An inch at a time,” Damien said encouragingly, his voice thick as he held her hips in his big hands. She thought his cock was going to split her in two. How the hell had he fit all of it in her ass? she wondered dazedly. Her pulse began to speed up as she lowered herself onto him. When she felt him nearing her cervix, she moaned. There was still so much of him to go she doubted she could take all of him. A moment of deep breaths had her body relaxing enough to allow her to seat herself upon him fully. “That’s it. Have you ever been so full of cock?”

Moaning, Peaches shook her head, a saucy grin on her lips. Her hands slid up along his hard abs to his muscled chest as she leaned forward to kiss him. Then she was lifting up, turning her head to take Ryan’s cock into her mouth as she began riding her cowboy, her body sizzling where it was joined with his. Powerful muscles flexed between her thighs as he began thrusting up into her. Cocks slid in and out of her. She sucked on the cock in her mouth, loving the taste, savoring the salty pre-cum she swiped off the spongy head with the tip of her tongue. Though she tried to focus at least half of her attention upon it, it was a nearly impossible task. Damien, obviously trying to torment her, was holding her hips firmly as he rose up, grinding himself deeper and deeper until she could do little more than moan around Ryan’s turgid flesh.

“You’re a selfish bastard.” Ryan laughed, pulling away. “I guess I’ll just have to have a different kind of fun.”

Shifting on the bed, he lowered his head to her chest. He kissed his way down the slope of her breast until his mouth found the rigid pinkish-brown nipple. Taking it into his mouth, he sucked hard, swirling his tongue around it, before drawing as much of her breast as he could into the hot recesses of his torrid mouth. An arm around her waist kept her close as her body arched back, giving him even greater access to her lush flesh.

The moment he bit down on one nipple and twisted the other, Peaches found herself flung into a place where she could only feel the wondrous spiraling of pleasure. It wound itself around and through her body. It twisted tightly. Her toes curled. The juices flowed from her pussy as it began clenching hard around Damien’s cock. She was only faintly aware of his roar of pleasure or Ryan’s growl of satisfaction as he reached down to rub and tweak her rigid, throbbing clit. She screamed, her fingers curling against solid male flesh.

When she collapsed limply onto Damien’s wide chest, her flushed cheek pressed against his damp flesh. He smelled heavenly. She could stay there forever and never have a complaint.

She did complain, however, when strong hands dragged her from Damien. On her belly, her legs were pressed apart. Those hands raised her hips slightly to shove a pillow beneath. Then long fingers were shoving into her creamy depths.

“My turn, baby,” Ryan growled, positioning himself against her ass. His cock traveled slowly down the crease of her ass to the slick, swollen folds of her throbbing sex. She trembled, her flesh jumping as if stung by electricity, as he probed for the opening of her body. Then he was there and thrusting inside. A low, tortured groan escaped her lips as he began fucking her hard and fast. “I want you to come again, baby. I want to feel that beautiful pussy grabbing my cock.”


Butterfly Madness


Fabulous. The description ricocheted around in his head as Roarke stared in disbelief.

The woman, somewhere in her late twenties or early thirties, turned away from the shop window she had been looking in to continue down the sidewalk. Roarke tried to get his tongue back in his head as he made the decision to follow her. It wasn’t much of a decision. And if Gray was there he would say he was using his little head to do his thinking. There wasn’t a ring on her finger. He took that as a sign that he should investigate further. His gaze roamed over her, noting everything from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

She had lightly tanned skin, long, slender limbs, waist-length sable hair, and butterflies. Roarke had never given much thought to all those things combined, but now he thought they were all perfect together. He admired the short white top and flirty, peach-colored skirt she wore. Yeah, he could appreciate butterflies as they danced over the woman’s slender waist and up, he suspected, under the short shirt she was wearing.

As he followed her at a distance down the sidewalk, hoping he didn’t look too much like a stalker, he pulled out his phone to call his lover and partner Grayson Evans. Gray was the sheriff, but it was his day off. They were supposed to meet for lunch and plan what they were going to do that night. His eyes admired her long, tanned legs downward until he saw the string of small shells around her left ankle. Nice.

What the hell was Gray doing? he wondered as he listened to the phone ring. Roarke couldn’t follow the woman much longer before she started getting suspicious of his behavior.

He and the other man had been partners for years and, being citizens of Silver and following what seemed to be tradition for many men in the town, they were planning on finding the perfect woman to share for the rest of their lives. As he watched that flirty little skirt dance around fabulous thighs, Gray finally answered his phone.

“What’s up? I’m not late, am I?”

“No. But you might want to get moving. I’ve seen something you might be interested in.”

“A woman?” he guessed correctly. “Who is it?”

“Don’t know. I’ve never seen her before. Where are you?”

“I had to come into the office. I had to talk to Cherry. Let me know where you are and I’ll catch up with you.”

The sheriff’s office was only a few blocks away. It wouldn’t take long for Gray to catch up, a couple of minutes at most if he got his ass moving. “She just turned onto North Silver Street. When you see her, if she’s not the hottest thing you’ve ever seen, I’ll give you a blow job.”

Gray laughed huskily. “You’ll give me a blow job anyway.” There was a moment when Roarke could hear his lover and friend speaking to someone else. There was soft feminine laughter and he guessed Cherry Preston, Silver’s newest deputy, was there with him. Gray didn’t have a shy bone in his body, and he knew Cherry well enough to know she wouldn’t be shocked or horrified to hear him speaking as he was. “I’ll see you in two minutes.”

The sexy butterfly woman stopped in front of another shop. This one was a leather goods store which had been around since the nineteen thirties. He loved going in. The first thing he always did was breathe in the scent of leather. Harry, the grandson of the founder, was an artist, and his products, everything from belts to custom handbags for women, were always in high demand by the residents of Silver as well as the many tourists who visited their charming town.

Roarke tried to look inconspicuous as he stood there, about twenty feet away, but it was damned hard. He was feeling very conspicuous, as if he had a flashing red light attached to his hat. Where the hell was Gray?

The woman turned suddenly to pin him where he stood when Gray appeared at his side. A strong arm slid around his waist, pulling him close to a very hard, muscular body. A shiver of pleasure ran over his skin. It always did. Gray’s touch was something he eagerly welcomed or sought out.

“Hey, babe,” Gray murmured next to his ear, nipping his earlobe before pulling back.

The woman looked from Roarke to Gray, seeming to examine them both for a moment. He saw her visibly relax. Then she was smiling, nodding in a fairly friendly manner, then turning back to continue her self-guided tour along the sidewalk.

“That was close,” Roarke said, relieved she hadn’t started screaming for help. “Isn’t she gorgeous?”

Gray nodded as they watched her walk along, her hips twitching enough to make the skirt dance back and forth across the backs of her thighs. They waited until she was a couple blocks ahead before they started following again.

“Do we ask her out or what?”

Roarke laughed at Gray’s eagerness. “I think we should ask her name first, don’t you?”

“If we have to,” the other man grumbled. “I’m the sheriff. I should do it.”




“No time to chicken out. Tell me what you will do for this.”


“Marley, tell me,” he said in a stern, no-nonsense tone.

“I’d give you a blow job.”

Lord, he was going to explode right then and there. What had happened to the shy, prim miss they had met just a day and a half before? Obviously she had leapt off a roof somewhere in Silver and left this woman in her stead.

Placing the dessert box on the desk, he reached out to caress the side of her face. The tips of his fingers stroked down to her delicate jaw. She looked up at him, a combination of fear and excitement in her eyes. Obviously Marley didn’t have a lot of experience with these games. He could help her with that.

“Is that it? Just one little blow job, Marley? It’s an awfully tasty treat. Surely it deserves more.”

“Do you have handcuffs?” she whispered, licking the lips he wanted to see wrapped around his cock.

Was the woman trying to kill him? His cock thumped impatiently at his zipper, demanding to be released. “Yes. I have them. What do you want?”

“I want you to handcuff my hands behind my back,” Marley told him in a rush, her voice again little more than a whisper.

Reaching behind his back, Grayson took the handcuffs he carried in a small pouch. With his hands on her shoulders he urged her to kneel at his feet. It was difficult to bend with a cock that felt as if it had suddenly turned to steel, but he managed to cuff her with practiced ease. Stepping back, he stared down at her, his eyes searching her face for any sign that she wasn’t comfortable. There was no such sign to be found. Relief surged through him as strongly as his desire.

Pulling his buckle open, he pulled the leather back then released the top of the button and zipper. His cock sprang free, throbbing hard, the mushroom-shaped head an angry red. “Open your mouth, baby.” Those beautiful lips parted, her mouth opening as he stroked his cock. When she leaned forward to lick away the pearly droplets seeping from the slit, his breath caught in his throat. His heart hammered in his chest, sending his blood racing like liquid fire along his veins.

Grayson’s head fell back on his shoulders as her lips stretched around the head. The sensations running through his body were indescribable. He could barely breathe, let alone think, as Marley began to suck on the head as if it were one of those sweet treats she coveted. She didn’t go beyond the head, her tongue laving over it, swirling around the circumference, dipping back into the hole which continued to dispense droplets of hot cum.

When he looked down at her it was to discover those fantastic eyes watching him. He stared into them for a moment before he examined the entire fantastic image of her loving his cock in the most perfect manner imaginable.

“Take more of it, baby,” Grayson growled roughly, grabbing the base in his fist, holding it still as she began working those soft lips around his cock. A soft, mewling sound escaped her as she took inch after inch of his length. “That’s it. Breathe through your nose.” She seemed to have a little trouble and he had to wonder how many times she’d given a blow job. He would be sure to ask later. But just the thought of those being virginal lips wrapped around him was enough to draw his balls up close to his body. “That’s it. Now I’m going to fuck that beautiful mouth of yours, my lovely captive.”

Another soft whimper at that gave him another clue. Their baby really did want to play like this. Those eyes, surrounded by the thickest lashes he had ever seen, stared pleadingly up at him. Releasing his cock, he slid his fingers through her silky hair. When her mouth continued to slide down the length of his rigid flesh, and he felt her jaw slacken, he pulled back slightly. A whimper of protest reached his ears. Smiling, he stroked her cheekbones with his thumbs before sliding back into the wet heat of her mouth. Within moments he was fucking her mouth. Not hard, not enough to scare her, or make her change her mind, but enough to keep their impromptu game exciting.

“You’re so beautiful, baby, with your mouth sucking down my cock. Maybe I’ll buy you chocolate every day.” There was a growl this time. “I want to see just what you’ll do for it.” She closed her eyes, her entire body relaxing, as he continued to slide his cock in and out of her mouth. Her tongue stroked him, teasing him, rubbing the ultrasensitive spot beneath the head. Her breath blew through her nose as she exhaled, caressing his skin. His balls tightened even more. He was so close. “I want to fuck your mouth hard. Let me fuck your mouth hard, baby. Please.”

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