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J.S. Frankel (Published by: eXtasy Books )
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Teenager Sam Timmins, school outcast and total nerd, is saved one day from getting run over by the wind. Only it isn’t the wind that saves him, but a mysterious wind-sprite named Esther. The result of a botched MORE...
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Mitch Kessler, teenage high school dropout, jobless and mostly friendless, lives a life of solitude, but not by choice. Endowed with the ability to bring wings out of his body as well as claws, and transform hi MORE...
The Return of Master Fantastic
High school graduate Paul Coleman’s life is anything but ordinary. It has been only a few months since he, Myrna Trillian, his girlfriend, and her father, Montague, an Elementalist/magician, destroyed a demon n MORE...
The Unlikeliest Candidate
Harry Cannel, thirty-four, bound to a desk job and staring into the abyss of a failed marriage, suddenly finds his life changed after allegedly rescuing passengers from a doomed flight. However, he didn’t do MORE...
Master Fantastic
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High school student Paul Coleman’s life is an ordinary one. His existence takes a turn for the extraordinary when he and his best friend, Rory, are attacked by a winged demon one day. The demon, which calls its MORE...
Dead End Street
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The old house at the end of a dead end street was more of a dead end than any of them realized ... They were five misfit kids who banded together in their small Ohio River town. Over the years, they had orga MORE...
Haunting of the Wired Monk
Sixteen is far too young to die. Tragically killed in a freak motor accident, Leanne finds herself haunting the spot near where she died—which just happens to be her favorite coffee house. She’s determined to r MORE...
Just Another Quiet Little State
Teenager Gabe Common and his girlfriend, Millie Themmes, have moved back to Chumsville, the place where the magic that changed them started. Although they attempt to move on with their lives, some forces in the MORE...
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Martin Calder and his girlfriend Dana—no last name given—are back. Their powers are now known to the general public, and their wish is to help out those who need it. However, those in the law enforcement world MORE...
Girls First Dance
When surly teen Sandra witnesses her new neighbor, a strange dentist, possibly murdering a woman, she asks her sunny best friend Jamie to help prove a crime has been committed. As the summer progresses, though, MORE...
Let's Jam
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Simon didn’t even graduate, but Lacy never forgot him. She followed her dream to become a Cordon Bleu chef. He followed his to become a rock star. Will fate play a hand?
The Concert Pianist
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Everything changes after Elizabeth discovers a letter inside a secondhand piano. It brings much more than music into her family life. Is the piano haunted?
Star Maps
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Carl Thornton, seventeen-year-old stargazer and total nerd, resides in Reno, Nevada, and lives for watching the night sky. His dream—discover a UFO. His mantra—“Seeing is believing.” He meets Grace Paxton, an MORE...
Mystery of the Broken Vase
Shayla’s an only child, but ever since the vase was broken she feels an intense desire to run, but where to? What does it mean?
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Martin Calder and his girlfriend, Dana—no last name given—are back. Possessing superpowers, Martin joins up with Dana to fight crime throughout their adopted city of Baltimore. Fighting crime on Earth is easy, MORE...
The Titans of Ardana
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That's the catchphrase of Martin Calder, a teenager obsessed with the hit television show, The Metas. On a mission to get an autograph from the star of the show, Dana?no last name given?he comes face to face wi MORE...
A Pig named Bacon
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Bacon loves to play in the mud but he soon finds out that Mother Nature holds the key to life. What will he find when he searches for the ones he loves?
Santa's Village is Deserted. Why?
Santa's village is deserted. Where did everyone go? The Good Fairy is at a loss. What can two young boys do to solve the mystery and save Christmas?
Just Another Quiet Little City
Magic is in the air, and it makes the rules. Teenagers Gabe Common and his girlfriend, Millie Themmes, have settled in Angels Camp, California. As a high school dropout with little education and no future job p MORE...


J.S. Frankel (Published by: eXtasy Books )
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Harry and Anastasia are expecting their first child, but there are forces in the world that do not and never will accept Harry’s kind. Transgenics frighten people, and in a bid to win over public opinion, Harry MORE...
The Friendly Worm and the Lonely Boy
Paul has no friends. One day he meets Henry, a talking earthworm in the vegetable patch at the end of the garden. Adventures soon follow.
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Harry and Anastasia are back, this time married and attempting to fit into society. When another transgenic emerges—a mole-man named Leonardo—he tells them an old friend, Istvan, a pig-man, long thought dead, i MORE...
The Day the Sun Disappeared
The moon has eaten the sun. What has happened? Will the darkness last forever? A young girl goes on a quest to discover the answer to how to turn the sun back on.
Marvin, the Not Worthy
King Mortus grunted and groaned in an effort to think harder. He was close to giving up when an idea shattered his crown and scorched his never combed royal hair. Now he knew exactly what to do. He would become MORE...
Little Slave Girl
0 ratings
Nicole and James have a summer reading project. It sounds boring, but they both really relate with the main characters, and take it in turn being the little slave girl. Then Nicole goes missing. Are there clues MORE...
The Fairytale Birthday and the White Rhino
In the first of two short stories, the Wicked Witch tries to ruin the Good Fairy’s birthday. Will the Treasure Fairy, the Good Gnome, and the Tooth Fairy be able to save the day? The second, two children and t MORE...
It's never Goodbye
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After the end of another school year, Big Chook along with his five friends gather to plan their holiday fun. In a desperate effort to hold onto their youth, they agree to make this the best holidays ever. But MORE...
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