[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Gregory Santiago is Alpha Successor of the Santiago Pack. The war with the vampires is over, and it's time to ensure that their pack is run well and remains self-sufficient. As the largest pack in the US and the pack to which all others look to, Gregory is the cornerstone in ensuring their pack never loses the feeling of pack dynamic.
Will Mendez is a gamma, a type of wolf shifter, not strong like an Alpha or beta nor exhibiting the qualities of an omega. But the gammas are softer, kinder, and a balance to their Alpha and Beta counterpart in the absence of an omega. With him and his three brothers on the run from murder charges against the youngest son of the third largest pack in the US, he never imagined meeting his mate.
But when the past comes calling, what will happen to their mating?  
A Siren Erotic Romance
An Alpha for Me (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Opening the door, Gregory stepped into his father’s study, shut it behind him, and nodded to his father before settling himself comfortably on one of the chairs. A strange scent, so seductive and alluring it called to his wolf, filled his nose, and he inhaled deeply. Turning, Gregory traced the scent from its source, noticing the other men in the room for the first time, as he had been preoccupied earlier.

His gaze glanced off the large burly-looking men until he came to a stop on one smaller than the rest. In fact, it seemed as though they had all been shielding the man, but the breathtaking androgynous face, which peeked at him from behind one of the men, arrested his attention.

In short, the man was beauty incarnate with his full head of reddish-brown, short hair and the chocolate eyes peering at him. Gregory felt his cock thicken and harden in his pants and his wolf growl and snap in possessiveness, wanting to have the man all to himself. His wolf was howling with giddy anticipation and unable to tame the beast, Gregory leapt to his feet and stalked the man.

In three long strides, Gregory reached out and pulled the man out from behind those who were shielding him from his gaze. Three pairs of eyes snapped to him, and the men started to form a barricade around the smaller man, but Gregory bared his teeth, eyes flashing in challenge.

“Mine,” Gregory snarled.

Pulling the smaller man to him and wrapping his arms around the man, he dared the others to confront him, but when he saw them sniff and relax their stance, he followed suit, holding his mate tightly to his body but not letting his guard down completely. Gregory buried his nose into his mate’s neck, inhaling deeply with his gaze trained on those around them.

“Mate. Mine.” Gregory snarled again, baring his teeth and forcing his alpha will on them to back down or challenge him.

Three sets of eyes widened in surprise, and then as one, all stepped back. Satisfied that he and his mate were no longer in threat, Gregory swung the smaller man into his arms and marched away, leaving the door open in his wake.

Soft lilting laughter floated to his ears as Gregory moved with speed, filled with the desire to rip the clothes off his gorgeous mate’s body and plow into him. Looking down, he gazed at his mate, puzzled as to why the man was laughing, even though the sound soothed and pleased his beast.

“What?” Gregory growled, his arousal thick, as it affected his voice.

“I’ve never been carried by a man before,” his mate said, beaming widely at him. “I love it.”

Gregory grunted. “What’s your name, pup?”

“Will Mendez. My brothers are very protective of me. I’m surprised they let me go with you,” Will said with a chuckle.

Gregory growled, his wolf rearing its head up at the “let me” part of Will’s words. He scoffed. As if those brutes could stop him from doing what he wanted. “You are my mate, Will. I would hate to kill your brothers should they try to keep you from me.”

Will frowned. “You can’t kill them. They are all the family I have.”

Gregory sighed. “I don’t plan on killing them unless they provoke it.”

Will nodded. “That’s good enough for me.” He said, taking in the man whom fate had decided was for him. Licking his lips hungrily, and seeming restless with giddiness, he asked. “Are we going to fuck?”

Gregory groaned, and there was a hitch in his steps as those words, spoken through those delicious lips in that masculine voice, shot straight to his dick, which hardened instantly.

“You are so gorgeous. I’ve never had sex before, but I can’t wait. I want you to fuck me hard and deep, then fast, then slow like in romance novels.”

Gregory groaned lustily. “Pup…” The sound strained and strangled at the image his mate was painting for him. Hearing that this would be his mate’s first time was enough to make him shoot, but he needed in that tight ass before he could allow himself his release.

“Do you think I’m beautiful?” Will asked, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth and gently biting down in an erotic movement.

Gregory was so hot he was about burning up with desire and lust for his provocative mate. His mate was sin on two legs, and when he opened his mouth, Gregory found himself wanting to do crazy things to those plump, tempting lips.

“You know you’re damned beautiful, and if you don’t quit, I’ll take you against this wall, and I won’t care if anyone sees.”

“Can we? Can we? Oohhhhh. That would be even more delicious. Let’s do it.”

Gregory about popped out of his jeans with the motherfucking erection straining hard against the offending material. “Lord help me.” He moaned breathily, burying his face into his mate’s neck as he hurried faster through the hall and slammed open the door to his bedroom, kicking it shut.




Gregory threw the man down onto his big comfortable bed and followed, lying on top of the smaller man. He took the other man’s lips in a brutal kiss, desperate to taste and to feel those soft tempting lips against his. He was soon rewarded with a moan as Will surrendered to his touch, giving as much as he was receiving, even in his inexperienced enthusiasm for his mate.

“Exquisite. Beautiful and all mine.” Gregory growled with possessiveness

A giggle-turned-moan escaped from the beautiful man in Gregory’s arms. “Less talking, more fucking.”

Gregory growled and buried his face in his mate’s shoulder, taking in the other man’s delicious scent. “Bossy little shit.”

Gregory bit and nibbled on Will’s shoulder, sucking the flesh vigorously into his mouth to leave his mark on Will. He relished the feel of satisfaction that came over him when Will arched into his mouth and pulled his head tighter against him with his hands on Gregory’s nape.

“Kiss me, mate!” Will demanded, “I want to feel your lips on mine again.”

“Gladly.” Gregory let go of the skin he was sucking on and slanted his mouth onto Will’s.

Gregory licked into the sweet hole that was Will’s mouth, driving his tongue in and out as he tasted the delicious heat in there. He drew Will’s inexperienced tongue out to play, relishing teaching the other man every carnal pleasure he knew and liked.

Without breaking off the kiss, Gregory pulled Will’s legs wide apart and settled comfortably between them. With his thick cock tenting his pants, he thrust against Will, hitting and nudging Will’s cock and balls, nailing him every time he dry humped the man.

Gregory tore his mouth away, allowing them both to take in a much-needed breath, and then he began kissing his way down Will’s neck, grunting at the moans of delight the little man released. Fumbling between their bodies, Gregory worked the button and zipper of Will’s pants free. Gregory sat up away from Will and straddling his mate’s stomach, bent, and growled against Will’s ear.

“Get these off you.” Gregory growled, wanting to tear the fabric away with his claws but resisting for his mate’s safety.

Will used the momentum of his feet against the bed to lift up then pulled his pants and boxers all off in one go. Will panted and sighed when Gregory took his earlobe in one mouth and bit down gently then began sucking on it. He cried out Gregory’s name when the other man withdrew, blew on the moist ear, then continued sucking once more. It was so erotic what Gregory was doing to him that Will had no other choice than to give himself up to the expert mouth of his mate.  “More, Gregory. I need,” Will said on a whimper.

Gregory trailed open-mouthed, wet kisses down Will’s body, stopping to pull the buttoned down shirt off Will before continuing. He stared down at his mate, trailing his eyes down the perfection bared before him and licking his lips.

“So perfect.”

Gregory trailed kisses on Will’s naked body until he reached one of Will’s nipples and pulled the small, round nub into his mouth. He bit down gently, sucking and laving at it until it was painfully erect and sensitive, drawing moans from the smaller man under him.

“Gregory!” Will yelled then arched into the man’s mouth, hands holding Gregory’s head securely to him.

Gregory placed a kiss directly on Will’s heart then moved unto the other nipple, paying it some more attention. Gregory was soon trailing more kisses down Will’s body, moving to dip his tongue into Will’s navel then crawling until he was soon between Will’s thighs. He lifted one of Will’s thighs in his hand and held on to it, dropping a kiss to it. Then he began laving and kissing it, trailing his mouth up toward Will’s pelvis.

A surprised giggle and moan erupted from Will when Gregory began sucking on his inner thigh, and he began wiggling to get away. “Oh, God, stop. I’m ticklish.”

A roguish grin spread across Gregory’s lips at Will’s words, and staring down at his mate’s naked body, he traced his gaze over the slight bruise that was already forming from the suction of his mouth.

As though reading Gregory correctly, his mate shook his head, wiggling harder but only succeeding in arousing Gregory further. “Don’t you dare!”

“Or what?” Gregory countered and took the other inner thigh into his mouth, sucking down powerfully and eliciting another giggle as Will turned his body and tried to get away.

“What are you doing to me, you…you…behemoth?”

Gregory chuckled. “Is that any way to talk to your mate?”

Will batted his lashes, and a beautiful grin spread across his face. “Well, mate. Should I not call a spade a spade? Or would you prefer amazingly gorgeous, maddening, and slowpoke mate?”

“Your mouth, mate. So impudent.”

Will laughed, “Well, get back to work, old man. It’s not every day I experience such delicious delights.”

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