[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, vampires/werewolves, HEA]
There is a divide in Milson Valley between creatures, one which threatens to destroy the strong Alliance that keeps the city and valley safe. Wizard Mason Armstrong knows he can stop the trouble before it truly begins, but he doesn’t want to. Not if it means he has to accept his wolf shifter mate, Enforcer Drax Charmers, who refused to claim Mason five years ago.  
Drax Charmers is trying everything short of kidnapping to get his mate back. Unfortunately, wizards are renowned for holding grudges, and Mason isn’t letting this one go. As paranormal groups take sides and the Alliance is threatened, Mason must learn to accept his wolf once more.
But someone in the coven isn’t happy with Drax and Mason mending their mateship. Almost immediately, Drax’s car is blown up, and they discover there is a traitor in their midst—a traitor who doesn’t want either of them to live long enough to be found.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Wizard's Tizz (MM)
13 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
It is a great story I just love reading Jo Penn 's books

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Drax had shifted into his third form and was pounding the ground toward them, taking out a vampire on the fly. Drax was a very rare creature who had the gift of having more than a shifter’s standard two forms—human and whichever animal they shared their spirit with. Mostly, he was known as the three wolf because he had three forms. Human, wolf, and a combination of both. In the third form, he was humanoid in shape with a wolf head, but legs and arms like a human, and his hands and feet were clawed. Drax had once told Mason that he was faster, stronger, and had deeper instincts and was able to sense more than other shifters and paranormals. It was what gave Drax just that bit more in a fight, and he used it to his advantage time and again, battling more than one enemy at a time and able to shift between forms with ease.

Now Drax landed in the middle of the fight directly in front of Mason and growled loudly at his pack members. They dispersed quickly, backing away, tails down.

Baron moved restlessly in front of Mason, who was still sending magic out, zapping and electrifying vampires at a distance, keeping an eye on his team here. But he was aware of the standoff between shifters and was annoyed with himself for bringing his and Drax’s issues here, and to his friend. Leaning forward, he stroked a hand over Baron’s thick, soft fur.

“My fault, my friend. Drax won’t interfere in my fighting anymore, nor attack me.”

Drax’s head was down, pacing, eying them. He growled and lunged, knocking Baron aside, and snapped at Mason’s hand. Right, no touching others. He’d learnt that from the early stages of meeting Drax. The big, powerful wolf didn’t like Mason being close to others, touching, or being touched. He tolerated Baron—felines were touchy-feely—only because Mason had put up a stink when Drax had cornered him about it one day.

Before they could fight, Baron up and stalking low to the ground, Mason clapped his hands together.


A crack of lighting struck between the pair, creatures that had been fighting halted a moment, staring in shock across the battlefield before quickly returning to their opponent. Another handy gift, all part of energy. Mason knelt on one knee and held out a hand between the pair.

“Enough. Stop. We have bigger issues. Drax, stay away from me or I’ll blast you. Baron, protect your brother, my friend.”

Mason rose and moved away with speed, but kept an eye on the pair. Shit, that had not been good, and the speculative looks he received as he fought didn’t bode well for creature relations between his coven and the pack. Xavier was correct. The fallout was going to be much bigger than Mason had expected.

When they finally got the vampires down and under control, Mason had a chance to look around at the carnage and check how many on his side were injured. Quite a few by the looks, including himself. He checked Drax from a distance, not able to help himself, and as usual, the man didn’t have many scratches or bruises, too good a fighter. Baron the same. And wolves were being wary and cautious of him.

Keeping an arm down over his side that hurt like a motherfucker, he used his magic to block the pain. There was too much to do at present to deal with the injury. First, he checked that Tudor was okay. The young wizard had used his magic to hide himself, going around and causing the vampires trouble by fixing the creatures together. Tudor appeared fine. He had a few scratches, and was drained, so, he was now asleep in the back of one of the fae’s SUVs. When using a lot of magic, his kind could literally drain themselves of energy and would simply shut down and take a nap. Mason’s younger cousin Laurie noticed he was injured, but Mason managed to shoo Laurie away and moved over to speak to his group about the cleanup and how they could help the fae secure the property until more of their guild arrived. He was in the middle of speaking when he was grabbed from behind, put on the ground on his back, and his shirt torn off.

“I’m fine. It is just a scratch.” Mason pushed at Drax’s hand and stopped, holding them up in surrender when he was growled at furiously. “I’m okay, Drax.”

Right now was the time to go cautiously. Shifters were notoriously aggressive when a mate was injured, and a feral Drax was not something he needed right now.

“That smells bad.” Baron crouched on the other side. “Here, I’ll clean him off—”

“Touch him and I’ll tear your throat out,” Drax snarled.

“Look, we can fight later. Right now we—Drax?” Baron looked stunned. “You’re eyes are feral. You need to take a deep breath or I have to be all Alpha on your ass.”

Prince Caspar the fae, Cas to friends, stepped close to Baron and nudged him back.

“It is wise, is it not, to not touch or go near a shifter’s mate?” Every eye turned, mouths falling open. Cas frowned. “You were not aware they are mates? I see Drax has not claimed Mason fully, but the mate threads are there.”

Oh great, just great. Here and now was so not the time for that to come out. Mason heaved a sigh.

“We don’t see mate threads, must be some magical fae thing. We go by scent, which changes after mating and the claiming mark. What the fuck, Mason? You’re my best friend! Why didn’t you tell me?” Baron hissed.

“Mine! He’s mine.” Drax was cleaning up the long, deep gash along Mason’s side with the shirt he’d torn off and the bottled water Mason had been holding. “You’re losing too much blood, mate. What the hell were you doing just standing around talking for?”

Mason winced. “Stop poking it. I’ve blocked the pain but—Oh, damn, block came off.”

Mason’s eyes rolled back in his head and sweat began to bead on his forehead and chest.




The passion between them lit up like a lightning strike. Drax didn’t remember walking to the bedroom. Suddenly they were there and on the bed, Mason beneath him returning kiss for kiss, his hands jerking Drax’s shirt up, and then expertly undoing the buttons on his jeans and pushing them down, releasing Drax’s heavy, throbbing cock.

There wasn’t any possible way to slow down. Between Drax and Mason their passion, their chemistry had always been lightning hot and fast. They could take it slow next time, and he would. He’d worship every inch of his mate for hours, bring his wizard to pleasure again and again. Now though, he needed inside this man who was his and to bond them forever.

Fortunately, Mason was of the same mind. Their clothes were hastily tossed aside. Mason rolled over onto his stomach and reached across the bed to the side table where the lube was always kept, flashing that slender little ass in Drax’s face.

So of course he took the opportunity given him and planted a hand on the curve at the top of Mason’s butt, enjoying the feel of smooth skin and being able to touch him mate intimately again. Slowly he shifted his mate’s legs apart until Mason was spread in front of him, the little pink star on display.

“Oh the moons, Drax, I’ve missed you.”

“Never as much as I’ve missed you, my wizard.”

Learning forward, Drax pressed a kiss to each smooth cheek, then trailed his lips and tongue from balls to hole, licking, sucking and finding those sensitive spots that had his mate wiggling and groaning beneath him.

Using his fingers and mouth, plus the lube that Mason dropped beside him, Drax sucked one of his mate’s smooth balls into his mouth while rubbing his fingers along the man’s crack. He loved the taste of Mason, a sharp tang that burst on Drax’s tongue, and the man’s come was a delicacy. Sucking one ball deep—Mason had ultrasensitive orbs—he lightly rubbed over the pink star he wanted to fuck until it was red and puffy and filled with Drax’s scent and seed.

With a flick of Drax’s tongue over one smooth orb, Mason yelled out as he unloaded on the bedcover, his clean, tangy scent filling the air and managing to arouse Drax further. Growling around the balls he nibbled on, he pressed a finger inside and wiggled, Mason spurting just a little bit more.

With his own dick throbbing painfully and knowing he had to get inside his mate, Drax got to work, stretching Mason to take his dick with his fingers and tongue and driving Mason’s cries higher until he finally nodded.

“Now, I’m ready.”

They’d had sex many times before, had made love, but this was the time Drax had longed for, looked forward to, and wanted it to be explosive and wild, filled with passion and wants. They would finally bond. Going up on his knees, he took his dick in hand, pressed it to his mate’s stretched, lubed hole, and pushed inside. He was a big man, long and thick, and though he wanted nothing more than to push in and take them both on a fast hard ride, he waited, hands on Mason’s fairly skinny hips.

Mason wasn’t waiting. The wizard muttered something and pushed back to take more of Drax before pausing. Drax rubbed Mason’s back, soothing, and moved a little at a time until finally he was all the way in and their balls were bouncing together. He groaned, head back, fingers touching where they were joined. He could feel the last remaining tendrils of their bonding begin and sink into them. He savored it as he moved ever so slightly, just enough to cause friction, touching where they were joined.

Mason felt it too, panting. For the bonding to finish, Drax needed to empty inside Mason.

He moved, hard now, deep, both hands gripping Mason’s hips so tight they would leave red marks.

Every thrust, every movement bought him quickly to climax. He could feel Mason’s need rising like his own. It was the most amazing sensation as his cock was gripped in the tightest ass he’d ever had the pleasure of tapping. When Mason squeezed his muscles, moaning and lifting a little higher, Drax held on tight and slammed into his mate, desperate for more, no longer holding back, the pleasure between them rushing through him and driving his needs even higher.

After a few hard thrusts and hitting that knot of nerves, the wizard gave a breathless cry of pleasure, magic shooting off around him as he released streams of tangy come on the bed. Muscles squeezed Drax until he could barely move and his cock swelled. As his orgasm hit him like a lightning strike, he leaned over his mate and sunk his elongated fangs into the claiming mark he’d left there and pounded through his and Mason’s next orgasm.

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