You Don't Know What Love Is (MM)

Suncoast Society 89

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,503
13 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Sensations ManLove: Alternative Consensual BDSM Contemporary Romance, MM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Colton still can’t believe Rom wants to spend the rest of his life with him. The only thing that would make this more perfect is if Colton’s grammy was still alive to see it happen. Colton’s parents throwing him out at age twelve, just because he was gay, gave him emotional scars he still struggles with, even now. Maybe he is “bad” the way they claimed.

Rom regrets he never met Grammy, or that his own parents aren’t alive to see him marry his sweet snuggle puppy. He’s bound and determined to get hitched to Colton, even if it means giving up all control over their wedding while Kent and the grannies plan the shindig of all shindigs. He tries to love Colton’s pain away, but some wounds can’t be healed.

But what happens when words from the past are brought to light? Will it help heal both men’s hearts and finally allow them a chance to escape their old, mutual anguish?


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.


You Don't Know What Love Is (MM)
13 Ratings (4.8)

You Don't Know What Love Is (MM)

Suncoast Society 89

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,503
13 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Suncoast Society, Book 89. Will the past keep Rom and Colton from their happily-ever-after? SPOILER ALERT: This is the sequel to Numb as a Statue (Book 85 in this series). Numb as a Statue is NOT a cliffhanger. While it’s not necessary to read all the books in this series first, it’s definitely recommended you at least read Numb as a Statue before reading this book. If you haven’t, this review may contain spoilers. Heartrending tragedy’s ruled my life. Unconditional love heals many things, but I never got over what I lost. It wasn’t fair. Now I’m broken…beyond repair? How could anyone want me? But I have to go on, and Rom Quinn isn’t a quitter! How could I have known what was waiting? By all the fates—what did I do to deserve Colton? Do I deserve him? In his own way, Colton’s as broken as I am. Being discarded like trash will do that. But he was picked up, given love, made incredible beauty out of his brokenness. He’s my life, my soul. The Universe was guiding our steps, matching us at the perfect moment, knowing each was the perfect fit to the missing puzzle pieces of our souls. But isn’t this all a little too easy? Especially when Colton proposes to me, not just once but twice. Can I do this? This is for life, forever. Doubts? Uncertainty? Am I good enough? Roberta and the grannies may think so. They may want this more than I do. But does Colton really understand what he’s getting into? And can I do this to him? We’ve met Rom and Colton before in Numb as a Statue. But now we get more of their story, and I adored it! Both men’s pasts completely broke them, but in different ways. That they even found their way to each other was a miracle. Then lightning struck, nearly ending them before they ever got started. But where do they go from here? That’s the beauty and wonder of this book. We see both Colton and Rom, their love, their deepest insecurities, what their pasts have done to them, and every obstacle in their path. I was overwhelmed by the level of emotion in this book. I don’t have words to describe the power of this story. In today’s world, it’s very easy to lose faith in truth, love, and trust. While I realize this is fiction, this book restored my belief that the impossible can happen. I guarantee you’ll believe you are there with Rom and Colton every step of the way. Tymber Dalton’s a genius when it comes to pulling you into every story she writes and keeping you there to the exception of everything else. I adored this book! Thank you, Ms. Dalton. You’ve again held me a willing captive to the wonder and joy of your writing. A final note. This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and BDSM sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, this may not be the book for you. Check the book blurbs and reviews available on Goodreads and all the booksellers where the book’s sold. Please use them before buying this book. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe this book. I think you’ll love it too. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Pam S.
Yay! More Colton and Rom! I love these guys and was thrilled to be able to read more about their relationship. Even though they are now together, Colton is still haunted by his past. Can Rom help him overcome his doubts about himself? And will their wedding ever take place? I can't really say much because I don't want to give the story away but this was such a good book. Made me laugh and even made me cry! Get the book and see what happens!

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Life is perfect.

That Tuesday evening, Rom lay comfortably snuggled in Colton’s arms after they’d made love.

His boy, his huge and handsome snuggle puppy of a man.

The man of his dreams.

The man he was going to marry.

Only five-ten to Colton’s six-four, Rom loved that his broad-shouldered Adonis—complete with the appropriately named abdominal definition to go with that moniker—willingly submitted to him. Wore Rom’s collar.

Wanted to spend the rest of his life with Rom.

Rom fought the urge to simply drift to sleep like this, comfortable though it might be. For starters, they were both covered in cum, and with Colton’s softening cock still wedged inside Rom’s ass, they needed to clean up.

Secondly, the delicious aroma of the roast Colton had cooking in the oven wafted through the apartment and made Rom’s stomach grumble.

Third—Rom wanted to savor the fact that Colton had just proposed to him.


The first time happened on Saturday, when Rom was in the hospital after accidentally ingesting turkey that had been fried in peanut oil, and he’d had a severe allergic reaction to it.

“How much longer until dinner’s ready?” Rom managed to mumble.

Colton’s fingers gently stroked Rom’s back, soothing him and sending him dangerously close to falling asleep. “It’s almost done, Sir. We have time for a shower before I pull it out of the oven.”

Rom sighed. “You’re spoiling me, baby.”

He felt Colton’s breath against the top of his head as he nuzzled Rom’s scalp. “I plan to spend the rest of my life spoiling you, Sir.”

Rom tipped his head back. “Do the grannies know they’re getting a wedding out of us yet?”

Colton smiled. “Do we have an apartment full of grannies right this minute, all of them giving us unsolicited wedding planning advice? That’d be a nooo. Because once I tell them, I can almost guarantee the plans will be out of our hands. Sir,” he added.

Rom had told Colton the wedding plans were up to him. Rom honestly didn’t have a preference, as long as they stayed within their budget, and that at the end of the ceremony they were married. In fact, Rom ran his thumb over the gold band now residing on his left ring finger, his heart racing a little as the thrill of knowing his boy had, in essence, collared him, too.

Pledged his heart and life.

Had shown Rom he was in this for life and wanted him.

Everything Colton had done for and with Rom, from when they were first introduced by Kent, proved to Rom that Colton was in this for life.

He’d never felt a need to check Colton’s phone for signs of cheating.

He’d never worried Colton might not be where he said he was.

No insecurity that someone Colton might meet while working at or working out at the gym might usurp Rom’s place in Colton’s heart.

There’d never been a moment of mistrust on Rom’s part, because the man never gave Rom a reason not to trust him.

For the first time in Rom’s life, he truly felt at peace. This was a terrifyingly foreign concept to him, but one he was eager to embrace.

God knew his start in life had been marred by tragedy.

Colton’s hands drifted lower and settled on Rom’s ass, cupping him, his fingers warm against Rom’s flesh where he playfully squeezed.

“Don’t fall asleep on me yet, Sir,” he said.

“Mmmm.” Rom tucked his face against Colton’s neck. “That roast smells too good for me to fall asleep.”

Rom’s stomach chose that moment to loudly gurgle, making both of them laugh.

Colton rolled them onto their sides, untangling limbs, and his limp cock slipping from Rom’s ass. He nibbled on Rom’s neck. “I’ll go check on the roast, Sir.” He sat up.

“We really should clean up.” He held up his hands, wiggling his fingers at Colton. “Help me up, baby.”

With a smile, Colton climbed out of bed and rounded it, reaching for Rom’s hands. His sweet sex god.


They stepped into the shower together. Colton quickly finished and left to go check on their dinner.

Alone now, Rom closed his eyes and leaned against the shower wall. Part of him wanted to break down crying with happiness that he’d finally found his soulmate.

Part of him wanted to cry that his parents weren’t around to meet Colton, and that Colton’s grandmother had passed before Rom could ever meet her.

This is my life.





Earlier, when Rom had first returned home from work, he’d promised Colton at least two rounds of fun that night, and maybe a third.

Now, Rom felt determined to make good on that promise. Except he’d already scened with Colton and didn’t want to add any more marks to his ass tonight.

This was pure sex—

No. Make that love.

Making love.

Something which had been lacking in Rom’s life most of his adult life.

He backed toward the bed, leading Colton by the hands. The love and trust in his boy’s sweet brown gaze finished hardening Rom’s cock again. He sat on the edge of the bed and released Colton’s hands so he could skim them up and down Colton’s sides. Leaning in, he trailed kisses along those perfect six-pack abs, over the light happy trail heading south to where Colton’s rigid cock jutted from his well-trimmed blond bush.

Rom flicked his tongue over the tip of Colton’s cock, the other man’s sharp inhale making Rom’s cock twitch in counterpoint.

This always felt perfect between them. Even from their first night at the party at Kent’s house, where the man had introduced the two of them.

Colton’s hands settled on Rom’s shoulders, fingers gently kneading, pleading, trying to coax him deeper, begging without words or being pushy.

Another familiar and fun thing between them.

Rom loved that Colton was needy for and vulnerable to him. Willingly submitted to him.

He slowly wrapped his lips around the tip of Colton’s cock, tasting tangy pre-cum already pearling and flowing for him. Rom’s hands slid lower, his left molded around Colton’s hip and the right cupping his sac. Colton sucked in another breath, the needy moan not far behind.

Rom knew what Colton wanted to do and couldn’t bring himself to—he wanted to cup Rom’s head and fuck his mouth, spill down his throat, feel Rom’s tongue and lips along his shaft all the way to the root.

Still, he held himself back, in check, Rom’s snuggle puppy and guard dog all rolled into one. Colton didn’t like to take charge between them unless ordered to by Rom. Like during their first round in bed, Rom had ridden Colton’s cock because he’d learned Colton wasn’t comfortable being on top with him.

Colton had even admitted he’d never had those qualms with other partners, either, even while in bottom mode.

It was just…different with Rom.

Rom knew he’d never felt comfortable letting another partner have a top role in bed before, either. Not like this.

Infinite trust flowed between them, ever deepening.

After a few minutes, with Colton’s fingers anxiously flexing on Rom’s shoulders while Rom went down on his cock, Rom finally sat up with a smile. “What’s my boy want?”

“You know what I want, Sir.” Colton’s tight jaw also betrayed the struggle playing out within him. “I want you.”


* * * *


When Rom arched an eyebrow at him, Colton struggled not to drop to his knees.

But that wasn’t what Rom had told him to do.

So Colton stood there, forcing himself to behave, to be his Sir’s good boy and not move. It was a common game between them now. Rom would do all sorts of sexy, delicious, and frequently painful things to Colton while Colton struggled not to move from whatever position Rom had last put him in, even if Rom hadn’t specifically ordered him not to move.

Because he knew Rom loved watching him struggle like that.

Early on, Rom had told him he expected Colton not to need to be told to do things over and over again. Discovering that this particular thing—watching Colton’s struggles—hardened Rom’s cock, of course Colton had determined he’d do whatever possible to obey.

A self-perpetuating cycle, a sexy harmony that played on to infinity between them.

Did he want to nut? Fuck yeah, of course he did. But what he needed was to hear those two little words from Rom.

Good boy.

He needed to see the way Rom’s gaze narrowed when he smiled over watching Colton’s struggles.

He needed to please his Sir.

Because in these moments nothing else mattered to Colton but pleasing Rom.

Rom’s sadism wasn’t solely rooted in doling out pain, either. His sadism played out in ways big and small—from the pain of a cane all the way down to making Colton figure out the exact phrase to use to beg for his orgasm that particular night.

Or even ordering Colton to free-ball it while working downstairs in the studio, meaning he had to wear jeans—or risk a tent forming in his shorts—and sweat his balls off in the process.

Rom scooted back and stretched out in the middle of the bed, smiling as he patted the mattress next to him. Colton dove onto the bed, making Rom laugh as he rolled onto his side to face him.

And that was Colton’s second-favorite thing in the world, to make his guy smile and laugh. To know he was the reason for it.

Rom reached up and hooked a hand around the back of Colton’s neck and pulled him in for a deep, slow kiss that once again had Colton whimpering with need.

More sadism on Rom’s part, that despite his own hard cock rubbing against Colton’s, he seemed perfectly content to lie there and simply…kiss.

Made even more torturous when Rom hooked a leg around Colton’s and slowly started grinding against him.

Colton reached around Rom and grabbed his ass for leverage to grind back against him, knowing he’d done the absolute right thing when he was rewarded with a low growl from Rom, and his fingers threaded up into Colton’s hair, where they drew into a tight fist.


When subspace started spinning Colton into its depths he happily jumped, soaring into the sensations and knowing this was where he was meant to be.

And the man he was meant to be with.

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